Circa 1996

The first time I’d ever witnessed a Fools Day prank, was when I was about eight years old.  My uncle came to the house looking morose.  He grabbed a dishcloth and held it over his mouth; grinning behind it.

He came to tell us that a family member had landed in the hospital – a serious injury. He couldn’t maintain the prank for long. He’d probably felt guilt from the momentary hysterics he’d created.

It was no surprise then that at fourteen-years-old my thought process went straight to something dark and horrific to have some Fools Day “fun.”

I went in to the cold room in our basement and dug around.

The axe looked like a great place to start.

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In Quest of Road Kill

In Quest of Road Kill

A creative nonfiction piece I wrote in J-School on the Mi’kmaq artform; porcupine quill work.  In the beginnings of learning this craft, I needed to acquire the coveted quills.  Where better to acquire than the side of the road.

This piece will also be included in the Mi’kmaq section of an Anthology dedicated to Aboriginals sharing borders, called “Dawnland Voices” which will be hitting shelves at the end of 2014.

Hope you enjoy.

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