Starlit Simon is an up and coming creative non fiction writer whose topics frequent music, travel, family and culture.  In May of 2015 she completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Non Fiction at the University of Kings College with 18 other colleagues; all of whom worked on manuscripts.

The program offered her award winning mentors, directors, and presenters  with a world of journalistic and publishing experience.  The cast of remarkable people throughout the two year program allowed Starlit to further develop and hone in her writing skills, to create structural sound pieces, build concise and informative project outlines, build her brand, be ready for a pitch at a moments notice, and ultimately and most importantly to have fun with writing.

Trips to Toronto and New York gave the MFA candidates once in a lifetime experiences; meeting with editors, agents and publishers from Double Day, Kobo, House of Anansi and Harper Collins to name a few.  These valuable meet and greets pushed Starlit outside of her comfort levels and gave her the needed practice to approach and discuss and persuade potential book ideas in a meaningful way.

She began her education in the field of Sociology and graduated with a BA from the University of New Brunswick in 2006.  Soon after, Star traveled through Europe, making her rounds in Germany, Italy, Spain and Ireland.  It was then she discovered a dormant passion for writing and upon her return to Atlantic Canada she dove in to the field of writing and graduated from Saint Thomas University in 2009 with a BA in journalism and communications.

Starlit works at the University of New Brunswick as a project coordinator for the Aboriginal Nursing Initiative, and on a part-time basis with the Mi’kmaq Wolastoqey Centre.  She has also recently started doing some work as a production assistant for a mini-documentary and is hoping to complete her manuscript in 2016 and send to publishing companies.


Dawnland Voices, an anthology on Aboriginals sharing borders, expects to hit shelves in the Fall or Winter of 2014.  Included are two pieces, one previously published by the National Geographic Traveler March 2010 issue, titled “Without a Microphone” and the other, a piece titled “In Quest of Road Kill.”  The latter is posted on the Home page of this website that will direct you to the NB Beacon webpage that has hosted the piece.


In 2011, The Ted Nolan Foundation awarded Starlit the The Rose Nolan Scholarship that is dedicated to aiding First Nation women across Canada in achieving their educational goals.


University of Kings College
MFA Candidate: Creative Non Fiction

Saint Thomas University
BA: Journalism & Communications

University of New Brunswick
BA: Sociology